The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley

So, fair warning, this book covers a few hot button topics.

Matt Beaulieu, a successful neurosurgeon, first met his wife, Elle McClure, a college professor retired from NASA, when she was a few days old. His devotion to her only grew from that day as they grew up as neighbors, friends and ultimately lovers. They have everything they could ever hope for, except for a child. Then one fateful day Matt gets the call that changes his life forever. Elle has fallen from a ladder and suffered from a head injury.

Matt is forced to face the fact that Elle will not recover from her injury. Knowing that Elle feared most a slow death like her mother’s death, Matt decides that they will discontinue life support.

Before that can happen though, Matt is presented with news he never expected, that they had never considered. Elle is pregnant. He feels that Elle would have done anything to have a child, even face her worst fear but Matt’s mother Linney believes otherwise and she is fighting to have Elle’s advanced directive followed.

What an emotional book. I listened to this on audio, narrated by Robin Miles. The narration was wonderful, the emotion of the book was conveyed remarkably well.

This is a book that I feel will stick with me for a while. I’m still digesting some of the information. From my background I was really interested in the medical ethics of this case. But what this book does is make you look beyond the case studies of ethics and makes you focus on this event, this woman and this child. What would she have wanted?

Well written and one of the first books I’ve read where the entire relationship is basically shown through the husband’s eyes. We get snippets of Elle’s views from diary entries but our real picture is from Matt’s perspective. It’s a great use of storytelling as we are left trying decide what Elle would have wanted from the way Matt perceives Elle’s wants and desires.

Great read, but have those tissues handy.

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