Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -Bookjourney’s Harry Potter Re-Read

So I finally finished book 3. I know, I’m late but I got distracted with holiday stuff.

This is the book that I stopped midway through and hadn’t finished the rest of the series. With this one I’m finding that there is so much about the story that I’ve overlooked or not been sure about from the movies that I’m not seeing much more clearly with the books. I had previously been slightly confused by the Sirius Black back story and his time at Hogwarts. The book did a much better job of helping me understand that party of the backstory.

Also, I’m back on Hermione’s side again. I felt so bad for her in this book! The boys were so mean to her when she was just looking out for them. And what I wouldn’t give for a time turner! I think I would have been just like Hermione at Hogwarts, trying to cram in as many subjects as possible.

I want a whole book about Snape! His backstory, his side of things during the series and what he does after the time period in the books. I’m so confused about his motives from what I know from this book versus what I know from the movies. It really makes me want to know what’s going on in his head.

So from this point forward the books are complete uncharted territory for me. I’m excited because I saw with this book how many of the smaller details of the story that I had been missing. So glad I decided to take up the books again!

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  1. The third movie, despite being based on my favorite book so far, was my least favorite. I don’t understand how anyone could have followed, they just tied to do too much, without going into enough details. And you are right, Ron and Harry were way out of line when it came to Hermione. I think their constant fighting is what really caused all of that stress, less than the course schedule.

  2. How fun! HP is one of those series that you wish you go through and read again for the first time, which isn’t possible. Still fun to re-read, but I wish I could experience it again for the first time.

    I totally get what you mean about the back story. Everyone tends to love the 3rd film the most, but I think that’s mostly because the story of the 3rd installment is so great. I really felt like the third film was the only one that seriously screwed up the back story. I remember seeing it with my sister, who hadn’t read the books, and she was super-confused. I had to explain it to her. The book is much more detailed and clear. So, I’m glad you’ve got more clarity now. Great post! 😀 My HP3 Post

  3. Snape would make for a wonderful book of his own. He is so complex and such a key player throughout the whole series.

  4. The third movie left so much out that kept screaming in my head while watching it.

  5. Stacy, I’m loving that you’re now into the books beyond what you had already read. Just wait ’til you get to all the good Snape stuff! 😀


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