Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Bookjourney’s Harry Potter Re-Read

I actually thought I’d written my post already, but whoops, apparently I just made it up in my head.

This is the first complete book in the series I hadn’t read before. Kind of interesting considering this was my favorite movie of the series. After reading the books, I’m kind of surprised it was my favorite movie, because I don’t know how I understood half of the things going on. I think I just kind of let my mind glide over the side things and story parts that didn’t make sense to me and focused on the parts I liked about competing for the cup.

I feel that Ron is more developed in the books than he ever gets in the movies. Starting in this book you really start to see how he struggles with his identity, being tied to a family with little money which troubles his mind while yet being friends with one of the most famous wizards of their time. It’s hard to really carve out your place in the world when your stuck in Harry’s shadow.

Hermonie is starting to come into her own in this book. Starting to gain more confidence and going about whatever she feels is right, even though the boys do hurt her feelings a bit with the whole dance thing.

While the last book had me feeling that Harry was really starting to live up to the wizard every one thinks he is, this book had me questioning it again. I don’t think Harry would have made it past any of the tasks without the tremendous amounts of help he had. There were times I felt like he wasn’t even trying and I was wondering if he really expected everyone to carry him along. It had me screaming a bit on the inside. Yes, I know he was younger than all the other participants but I hardly felt like he put forth the effort of researching or trying to find the answers at times.

So did this book have you screaming at Harry? Who were your favorites of this book?


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -Bookjourney’s Harry Potter Re-Read

So I finally finished book 3. I know, I’m late but I got distracted with holiday stuff.

This is the book that I stopped midway through and hadn’t finished the rest of the series. With this one I’m finding that there is so much about the story that I’ve overlooked or not been sure about from the movies that I’m not seeing much more clearly with the books. I had previously been slightly confused by the Sirius Black back story and his time at Hogwarts. The book did a much better job of helping me understand that party of the backstory.

Also, I’m back on Hermione’s side again. I felt so bad for her in this book! The boys were so mean to her when she was just looking out for them. And what I wouldn’t give for a time turner! I think I would have been just like Hermione at Hogwarts, trying to cram in as many subjects as possible.

I want a whole book about Snape! His backstory, his side of things during the series and what he does after the time period in the books. I’m so confused about his motives from what I know from this book versus what I know from the movies. It really makes me want to know what’s going on in his head.

So from this point forward the books are complete uncharted territory for me. I’m excited because I saw with this book how many of the smaller details of the story that I had been missing. So glad I decided to take up the books again!

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