Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book Journey’s Harry Potter Re-Read

Hello everyone! Is everyone getting into the holiday spirit? I have to admit there is something about winter time and Christmas that makes me think about Harry Potter.

I just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and as before, I don’t feel the need to review the book for you. I’m just going to give my ideas and thoughts about my read through this time. After book 3 I will be venturing into the books that I haven’t read yet so I’m really looking forward to that!

Anyway, I think the thing I realized most this time and something that I seem to not have thought about before is how in this book we really start to see how Harry is struggling with who he is. Is it possible that he has dark power? Is he destined to become a dark wizard? Not knowing his magical background and having this tie since an infant to Voldemort surely causes confusion. Especially coming into a world of people who have known your name and thought you were a great wizard way before you even knew that magic was real.

Rowling did a great job of mixing coming of age and trying to grasp with who you really are with an action packed and magical story. It’s no wonder these books are the phenomenon that they are.

I’m finding it interesting that one of the characters I love, Hermione, I am finding that I am really disliking after these first two books. I’ve read the first two before and somehow overlooked how patronizing and the “I am better than everyone” attitude she has. I think it really struck home with how she wanted to avoid Myrtle so much in this book. Really hoping she can redeem herself later, although I’m now wanting to go watch the movies again to see if I realize she was the same in them and grew into a better character as the story progressed.

Anyone else in the re-read or who have read the books several times find yourself disliking characters you loved or finding out that one you thought was horrible wasn’t so bad?

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  1. LOL love your thoughts on Hermione… she really had to grow into that brain of hers didn’t she? Thanks for posting about this second book, I am still finishing my reading (behind!) Hope to see you tonight on Twitter for the Chamber of Secrets movie night – we start at 8 central time.

  2. Hermione definitely can be annoying, but she’s very sensitive and her heart’s always in the right place. She is always thinking and always one step ahead. And it’s not really that she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but that she’s SO driven she has no patience when others aren’t. She typically very steadfast as far as what she considers honorable behavior which includes not breaking rules…but she does soften a bit 🙂

    For me, I think that this time around, whatever positive or negative feelings I had toward characters are simply deepening. My love—and hate—for them seems a touch more profound. Right now I’m loving Harry, Ron, Dumbledore and McGonagall more than ever 🙂

  3. I loved Hagrid at first but less and less as the story progressed. He’s such a big baby over these dangerous creatures. i.E: Aragog

  4. I don’t know that I dislike Hermione, but I always thought she was a bit high and mighty at first. I DO notice that the shows always dumb down the quirks of the characters to make them more likable. That’s true of all adaptations, not just HP and it always bugs me a bit. Hence, Harry is way angrier in the books, Hermione is brattier (especially at first) and, as Jackie said, Hagrid is more of a baby. But I love ’em all anyway. Great post! Here’s mine!

  5. This is only my first time through each of these books and Hermione has rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve been thinking about that today. I didn’t mind that she got Han Solo-ed in this book, but I’m also feeling guilty when I decided to keep a Hermione plus and minus checklist for Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m starting to see just how much she feels she has to prove to fit in. We’ll see how long my “warm” feelings last. 🙂

  6. I absolutely hear what you’re saying about Hermione. She is annoying and definitely makes me a little frustrated in the early books… but, because I know I love her character as a whole, it is much more tolerable during my rereads!

    • I agree with you on this. Hermione can definitely get on your nerves sometimes lol But her heart is big and always in the right place 😀


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