Where Do You Go for Book Recommendations?

Do you have that one friend that always gives you the scoop on the newest read? Or do you depend on your book group to keep you in the know?

I would love to have those kinds of resources for book recommendations, but unfortunately, I don’t have any reading friends, much less a book group. I have a few friends that read here and there, but they aren’t near the book addict that I am!

So that left me to finding my own resources for book recommendations. The best resources that I’ve found so far have been podcasts, twitter and BookPage.

I feel that podcasts have filled the need most effectively because not only do I get great recommendations I also get the feel of having book friends. My two favorites are Books on the Nightstand and Bookrageous . Both podcasts are very well done and make you feel like you are listening to a group of friends talk about the books they love. Great resource to find new books that are coming out and occasional information about the industry. My TBR pile always grows by leaps and bounds after every epsidoe. Definitely give them a listen.

As for Twitter I recommend following favorite authors, people from blogs and podcasts you like as well as publishing houses. Many libraries are also now on twitter. This is one of the best ways to hear the buzz on the newest releases as well as getting information about giveaways. Some publishing houses will also do special promotions for advanced reader copies of upcoming books. Twitter is also a good way to start conversations about books with people all over the world with similar tastes and with different views.

One of my last resources is BookPage. You may be familiar with this title from you local library. Most libraries carry free copies of this magazine that is loaded with book recommendations and reviews for a variety of genres. They also have a website full of great information and you can sign up there for them to e-mail you daily recommendations. They are also someone else that you can follow on twitter!

So now that I’ve given you my sources for book recommendations, what are some of yours?

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  1. I often just discover books in a way which resembles a family tree – once I discover an author and like them, I have to get everything they’ve written. Then if I can track down their influences, I often venture there and read those authors, and so on and so forth. I also have a fair few literary friends who I often discuss books with, and when I have friends asking me for recommendations, I just invite to my house to pick a book from the several hundred I have – I am turning into a library I think :S
    Great blog!

    • I love that explanation! I need to try out the finding the author’s influences, that might turn me on to some new authors.

      • Mmm, it definitely helps. One rather simple example is that I am a huge fan of Stephen Fry, from both television and his writing (he’s written a dozen odd books, some of which are fictional, others memoirs and such), and he has talked about the 3 W’s which influenced him – Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh and P.G.Wodehouse. While I had already discovered Wilde, I had ignored Waugh for some odd reason, and didn’t know much about Wodehouse. I have since fallen in love with the books of all these writers, and can quite clearly see their influence on Fry, too, which is kind of cool. Another example is that I have heard Louis de Bernieres was influenced by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – that one is quite clear too.
        It’s fun once you get into it! 🙂

  2. I still count on friends to get there first – and it helps to have friends who are very different from me. Only problem is when they ask you about a book they liked very much and recommended to you and then you… don’t… quite… want to say you didn’t have the same reaction. Good to have a few stock responses for when this happens! What do you say?

    • I guess I’m lucky in that regard since I don’t have many friends that read. The ones that do usually have similar tastes or don’t care one way or another. If put on the spot I would probably say I liked it, but there were some parts or style that I didn’t particularly care for, hoping that the friend would accept that or at least want to have a good nature discussion about the what I liked or didn’t versus what they did.

  3. Just found your blog through Twitter! These days, I get most of my recommendations from fellow book bloggers, but I also work in a library, so I get a fair amount of recommendations that way, but I give more than I get, because my TBR list grows fast enough as it is! I will definitely have to try the two podcasters you mentioned.

  4. I love Bookrageous and Books on the Nightstand too. I’ve always had a big TBR list but it grows even faster listening to them. Without Bookrageous, I wouldn’t have read Nick Harkaway’s THE GONE-AWAY WORLD, which was the best book I read last year.

  5. I do have a few friends who are avid readers, I think I seek them out and there are a few book clubs in my town and even though I don’t belong to them, I see what they are reading because it is mentioned in the bookshop.
    I also try and get my hands on the Saturday edition of The Guardian newspaper (or the online version) because they publish one whole section called The Guardian Review which is all about books and authors and is fantastic.

    I subscribe to Mslexia magazine and I have a copy of their annual diary which has a writer’s book recommendation on each new week page. I like to get my recommendations from a variety of sources so that my reading doesn’t become too narrow; but I also love the blog by dovegreyreader because she reads a lot of books by authors I like too.
    Thanks for sharing your sources. Great tips.

  6. Hi Stacy,

    I’m a bit like yourself, have plenty of friends, yet none of them are great readers and can’t understand my obsesson with books, they would all rather be out trawling the boutiques and stores, ugh!

    I get a lot of my inspiration from a free magazine which is available from various outlets here in the UK, called Book Time (link below just in case you want to take a peek). It is quite difficult to get hold of each month, so is a little bit hit and miss for me.


    My other inspiration comes from having a book worm mother-in-law, who reads even more than I do, although I don’t always read the same genres, so I need to be a bit selective with the ideas I steal from her!

    Finally, I get most of my ideas from fellow bloggers and there is definitely no shortage there and you get some great reviews thrown in to me decide.

    Oh! and of course there are the many authors who contact me for review requests. Their books are not necessarily ones that I might otherwise have chosen, but there are some great finds amongst them and stretches my reading genres, which is always a god thing.

    Sorry for the ramble, I got a bit carried away there!!


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