Lack of Book Stores/ Book Store Closings

With the closing of Borders and other book store chains my area has almost become a book store desert. Yes I said desert. The closest big store chain is over an hour and a half away. I’m seriously starting to worry about the state of the book world in our area and people’s access to books.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we have libraries. I love libraries and I frequent ours often. I think the recent closings have just got me thinking about the state of the book industry and access to books in lower populated areas. I don’t think the book industry is in trouble, it’s just changing and evolving. I’m wondering how this evolution is going to effect areas like mine. Especially with the e-book movement.

More and more people are getting access computers and the internet, but there are still those without the means of affording such luxuries. In addition, in this area, there are still people who only have access to dial up connections. Can you imagine downloading a book on a dial up connection? So I wonder, how many children in the future are not going to have access to books? People I have talked to say that it won’t be an issue, we will still have libraries. Some children won’t be able to go to the library though. Their parents won’t have a car, or will unfortunately be the parents that won’t take them to encourage their child in reading. We don’t have public transit systems in my area, so people can’t just hop on a bus to make the half hour trip to the library. So are less populated areas going to keep falling behind educationally and therefore in future successes because of this changes?

I don’t want this post to be all gloomy, so I’d like to end on a positive note. A week or two ago I discovered a delightful independent bookstore about 30-40 minutes away. It is called Coffee Beans and Books. Check them out at . Located in a junior high school building that is no longer a junior high, but has been converted into a music school (Which I think is an awesome use of the space, instead of just letting it sit and fall into degrade!) The store is cozy with ample seating and has a great selection of new books, several that I can’t find at the local libraries. They also have a selection of used books. And the great thing? You can also get an awesome cup of coffee or hot chocolate while you are there! I tried the Cocomocha Crunch latte while I was there!  So if you are in the area check it out or you can support it through online ordering through they website.

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  1. I know what you mean. I live in a book desert as well. In fact I’ll be going to Delhi this weekend just so I can indulge in some book shopping. The street where I plan to shop is converted into a carpet of books every Sunday. And since people are reading less these days second hand books are sold dirt cheap (literally). It’s worrying to think of a future where paper books aren’t considered important.

    • I bet that is quite a site on Sunday. But at the same time disheartening that loss of access to books is happening everywhere. I really don’t want to think about a future where reading is gentrified.


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